Top 5 Cat Grooming Problems and How to Solve Them

If you have a cat then you know how important it is to groom your cat on a regular basis. When  grooming  your  cat  there  are  5  cat  grooming problems you need to know and you need to know how to solve these problems.

Here are the top 5 grooming problems and how to solve all of these problems.

 1.  Fur

You want to brush your cat’s fur at least once a week if it is a short haired cat. For cats with longer hair do it two or three times a week.

Brushing your cat will keep tangles and other things out of their fur. When you first start brushing your cat they may not like it.

If they don’t then you just need to start slowly and introduce them to it. Don’t force them to do it if they are fighting you. Instead you want to do what you can the first time and then give them a little time before trying again.

They will eventually get used to the brushing and will sit still for it. Use brushing time to bond with them and give them some loving because this will help them enjoy this chore more.

2.  Claws.

A cat uses their claws for many things such as climbing and to defend themselves. You have to be sure that you keep their claws clipped so they don’t become ingrown which can easily cause your cat inflammation and pain. Also, trimming cat claws of aggressive cat is particularly important to save your hands from scratching.

To help with this you want to get them a scratching post because this allows them to exercise their claws and will help wear down the long tips. When necessary you want to clip their claws your hand and your veterinarian can show you how to do that.

3.  Bathing.

How often should you bathe a cat?

Usually, cats that won’t require bathing.  But if cats suffer from fleas or if their coat smells than it is definitely time for a bath. We all know cats hate water. Giving your cat a bath might be a little difficult but it can be done with patience and encouragement from you for your cat. When bathing them you want to use only shampoo that is formulated for cats or you can use a baby shampoo that is tearless.

When you do have to bath your cat if you give them a treat afterwards then they will start to associate a treat with a bath and it will get easier every time.

4.  Eye cleaning.

You must keep your cats eyes clean which can be easily done with a cotton tipped swab dipped in warm water. This will help them from developing eye problems. Just be gentle with them and take your time and eventually they will get used to this step.

5.  Ear cleansing.

There are many health problems that a cat can get from ears that are not kept clean. You need to gently swab the ear with a cotton swab to keep problems away. Use this as bonding time and go slowly to clean their ears so they don’t get scared.

These are the top 5 cat grooming problems and how to solve them. Now that you know these you can use them to be sure your cat is always well groo

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